Victims of the problem

Of March 19, 2010, I got news from “Daily Prothom Alo” that is about child abuse. One teacher tortured his student for color pencil. It is really shocking. Our government gave an announcement that teacher can not torture his students. If he or she torture, he will be punished.

Main Victims
As far as we know from the aspect from Bangladesh. The major categories are broken family children, Lack of family unity, sex workers children, street children and child labor etc.Parents who got divorce and do not look after their child properly; those children are one of the major victims. Those children are one of the major victims. They have no shelter from their  parents, so that they are one of the major victims. The children of our local prostitutes who do not have a positive environment to grow up also face this kind of abuse. Our society neglects them so that they are very much abused. The children who lives in street or work specially as a maid in the home, they are also victims. They don’t have a positive environment and positive looking from our society, so that they are abused. Bangladesh is very poor country. Government can not provide all of basic needs to us, for this reason children have to involve works. However child worker is prohibited. Government can not be strict because of their lacking. In that case children are abused when they work in the street or inside the home. Female child are very much affected by sexual abuse. They are not safe even in their home. Male children are also abused by sexual harassment from same sex as well as another sex.

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