Child Abuses in BD - a silent crime

shibly-sadik-111Child abuse or maltreatment constitutes all forms of physical and emotional ill-treatment,sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power. Child abuse is the crime of harming a child in a physical, sexual or emotional way. All types of abuse and neglect leave lasting scars. Some of these might be physical; however emotional scarring has long term effects in the Child’s life. Most child abuse occurs in a child’s home. For this reason, we can not know all of these abuses. Child sexual abuse is a hidden type of abuse, which occurs both home and outside. It is very complicated form of abuse because of its guilty.. In this country, children are vulnerable. Girls are much more at risk and disabled children are also vulnerable. Bangladesh is very poor so that many child works as a labor and some work as a maid, they are abused. Children are scared for this reason. They have a bad idea about society. In some cases, they can not grow  with suitable environment for them. At the day

The types of child abuse are described below:

although the Bangladeshi laws prohibited child labor, The prevalence of child abuse and exploitation was widespread in Bangladeshi villages as 2.3% of all children were physically abused, 2% were financially exploited, 1.7% was forced to involve in inappropriate activities,and 3% were forced to work for long hour 

1. Neglecting Minors   

Child abuse is quite simply neglect by parents for their children. It can also come out of mere neglect of the various needs of children as they grow up. A child may not have the amenities and/or toys that their friends have. This kind of child abuse has a intense impact on the child, as the child may grow up to be anything from an introvert to a person at war with the entire society for no particular reason. Almost eighty percent of persons having experienced child abuse are at the risk of developing severe psychiatric problems. A majority of these children also face trauma and other disorder like the reactive attachment disorder. Some children may also face depression and anxiety. Child abuse can be caused by parents, guardians, relatives or even friends of the child. Any failure to provide the necessary commodities of a child life,  more importantly food, clothing, shelter and medical care is termed as neglect.  

2. Physical Abuse: 

sadik11Physical abuse also plays an important part in deciding how the child grows up to be.Isolated cases of physical abuse cannot be termed as child abuse. Physical abuse can be repeated injuries and beatings, kicking, burns and other forms of torture. Physical abuse is one of the most easily recognized child abuses as it is can be easily made out by the markings and bruises on the body of the child. State and other laws say that any non-accidental physical injuries to the child or other actions that result in physical impairments in the child are physical abuses.

3. Sexual Abuse:

The abuse that maybe mars the child's psychology to the greatest level is sexual abuse.Sexual abuse is considered to be exposing the child, or making them partners in sexual or sex-related acts. Sexually abused children are typically inclined not to disclose their experiences due to feelings of guilt and shame, bonds of dependence upon the perpetrators and their in ability to understand the sexual meaning of the abuse. Obviously, this situation is further aggravated if the perception and attitudes of adults toward children discourages girls and boys from expressing their feelings or experiences, either positive or negative. 

4. Substance abuse:

Substance abuse is also a type of child abuse under the law. If any manufacture or use of a controlled substance abuse takes place in the presence of the child, it is termed as Substance abuse. The manufacture may take place either in the presence of the child or premises occupied by the child. Substance abuse also incorporates selling, distributing or giving drugs and alcohol to the child.

5. Abandonment:

Abandonment is also maintained to be a type of child abuse. If the identity and whereabouts of the parents are not known to the child, it is considered as a case of abandonment.Abandonment also means that the child has been left by the parents in situations where they can face physical harm, or if the parents have failed to keep in contact with the child for a large span of time.


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