About children crime

Invisible Yet Everywhere

There are hundreds of millions of children and young people in the world imprisoned not in reminds home but in physical labor more permanents than steel bars and iron locks alone could create.These are children and young people.This activities harm their bodies,minds,spirits and above all a good and prosperous future.Working children have become an integral part of Bangladeshi society.A child worker considered another cheap and easily controlled worker in the labor force.Poverty,illiteracy and Child labor go hand in hand.A child earnings have become a necessity for those families which are struggling to make ends up.The child has no alternative.The lack of quality education and the pitiable conditions of available schools is no incentive for a child to quit work and join school.In addition,children become the victims violence,exploition and abuse they can result in physical and physiological disabilities.Also children become a prisoner twice.The child is caught in the conflict between right to life and the fight to earn versus the acceptable norms of survival

 Children beggar:
Child labor is a crime.But in Bangladesh,peoples are so poor.they can not lived easily.For this reason,poor people’s children do begging on the street.These children work on the streets every day and their number is increasing.They collect money from the people.Also,they selling stuff like books,flowers,newspaper,water etc.Sometimes,the adult beggar rent for begging like infant or different kind of diseases children.Also,they searches food from door to door.They think,its better for their to beg.Now,children beggars are found in villages,towns and cities.Some children’s starts begging,when their member go to work outside.Street children can not get food properly.They earn money 50 take in a day.Actually the little street children struggle to live being a children.

Now a days,child beggars are doing different kind of crime.In some area street beggars are proved cheaters.Some able bodies are found pretending lame,dump or blind.Some,of these children do crime in a day or night.They stealing different things or hijacking to the people.Some are addicted in drugs like heroine,cigarette,ganja etc.In the picture,one child is inhaling from the plastic bag.it is one kind of drugs.They doing crime only for their poverty.

In Bangladesh, we see different kind of boys, who are collects different kinds of garbage in their sack and they sell it Devanagari shop(shop that buy any kind of waste product). They are so poor and are called “Tokai”. It is a one kind of child labor.Majority of the Tokay belong to the age group 7-15 years but aged tokai also found.Basically tokai’s workplace is mainly public places,bus,train launch terminals,shopping area,streets,residential areas ,dustbin etc.

They work daily 8-10 hours and also average income per day less 70 taka.They have no skills.Sometimes,they works under a group or independently.NGOs have tkaen different programmes for the welfare of the tokai.They are hopeless.they have no identity.some are houseless.

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