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Children suffering abuse develop a range of maladaptive, anti-social and self-destructive behaviors. There are various types of effects of child abuse on children. We can see many physical complications because of child abuse. Some effects of physical child abuse include stomachaches, migraines, gut problems or other physical symptoms not directly caused by the abuse – these are psychosomatic indicators. Abused kids often feel exhausted, starving, or sick most of the time.
One possible effect of physical child abuse is passive aggressive behavior.Child abuse is one of the main reasons of depression among children. Anger turned inward leads to feelings of depression, and 80% of depressed teenagers don't get help. They're more likely to suffer another bout of depression in their early 20s, and abuse drugs and alcohol. Victims of child abuse are also suffering from isolation. Abused kids are less likely to make friends anymore likely to be rejected by their peers. An effect of child abuse is skipping school without anybody noticing, stopping eating without anyone caring, or spending time with people doing things.Abused kids’ health,achievements, and adulthood are affected by sexual and physical child abuse – and not "just" by feelings of low self-worth.
Abused kids are more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome,depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The symptoms of physical child abuse don't end when the bruises fade.Being abused doesn't mean a child – or adult – will automatically have an unhappy life.It's not the abuse that can ruin everything – it's how individuals deal with problems that make or  break their future. Sexual abuse of children and youth is shrouded in secrecy, guilt and fear.Offenders use intimidation and threats to keep the child from telling, but the number one reason children and youth don't tell is that they are afraid they won't be believed. Though there is widespread under-reporting of child molestation by both male and female victims, males are much less likely to disclose. In addition to distorting children's thoughts, abuse also forces children into a position of having to "hide the family secret". This prevents children from having real relationships and has life-long effects.  
There is a long list of outcomes for children experiencing abuse. They range from mild, almost unnoticeable personality effects to full-blown breakdowns in healthy functioning.Others effects may be Academic difficulties, Aggressive behavior; Alcohol and other drug abuse, Anxiety, Attention problems; Bad dreams; Bed wetting; Behavior problems,Chronic pain, Compulsive sexual behaviors,Concentration problems, Dangerous behavior such as speeding, Dehydration, Depression,Dis socialize states,Eating disorders,Suicide attempts; Thumb-sucking or any age-inappropriate behavior etc.

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